Neuromation Q4 2019 Update

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During the time since our last Quarterly Report, Neuromation has been primarily focused on expanding and improving our core product, the Neuromation Platform — now called

This enhanced product focus has been reflected in a streamlined and reoriented team structure, which has emphasized development and direct customer outreach while deprioritizing more generalized marketing and communications activities. We have found that this approach has been working well and has resulted in higher level conversations with AI practitioners, founders and executives regarding their needs and our product. This, in turn, has informed an expansion in the functionality of the platform and an improved definition of our target audience and market niche.

In the below update we would like to walk you through the exciting developments in functionality and positioning that this process has led to, and give you some insight into what is to come for the future of the platform.

We would also like to inform you of some new partnerships and initiatives we are pursuing on a company level, as well as an update on the impact of Covid-19 and finally some forward-looking statements that reflect our current view on the state of the AI industry.

Going forward, we would also like to inform our token holders and customers that beginning with this report we will be changing the cadence of these voluntary reports to bi-annually rather than quarterly, with our next report to be released for the period 1H2020. We feel that this will be more appropriate to the pace of developments and our internal focus.

Product Update:

In past communications, the Neuromation Platform — now — was positioned as an AI Development Platform. While this is still at the core of what we do, we can now announce that the platform is much more. has evolved into a fully fledged MLOps solution, focusing on the entire ML cycle from collecting and preparing data, to set-up and management of the infrastructure and processes for ML development and on to training and deployment.

Since our last product update, the team has improved multi-cloud functionality, now supporting Azure in addition to AWS and GCP. The team has also added support for on-prem installations.

The combination of on-prem support with multi-cloud has been a game changer in terms of both economics and productivity for our users. By supporting hybrid on-prem and cloud ML development, users can use their own on-prem GPU’s for prototyping, model coding and initial tuning and easily move to the cloud of their choice for computationally demanding distributed training, hyperparameter tuning, and finally to deploy multiple models into production.

We have also implemented automated instance control and optimized resource consumption for improved efficiency of clusters in order to control cloud costs.’s newly expanded suite of MLOps functionality also now includes experiment tracking, hyperparameter tuning, remote debugging, distributed training, model deployment and pipeline management. Each of these features is supported by integration with leading open source and proprietary tools to ensure that they are future-proofed to improve along with the state of the art in the industry and the tastes and comfort level of our users.

The period also saw a significant amount of work done on an entirely new web application for, which is in active development now. This will be a big improvement on our previous web GUI, and is already useful and functional — but there is still lots more to come on this front.

Finally, during the period we also published a number of new ‘ML Recipes’ for the platform, which we encourage you to take a look at here.

Company Update:

Neuromation is proud to announce that we added a new client in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the period, for a computer vision engagement. This contract came as the result of a competitive tender that included highly prestigious global AI firms.

We are also continuing our efforts on the partnership front and have some positive news there. now has partnerships in place with AWS, as a member of the AWS Partner Network and the AWS Activate Program; with NVidia, as a member of their Inception Program, and with Azure, as a member of the Microsoft for Startups Program.

As mentioned in our last report, we remain committed to our early NTK token holders and our marketplace for AI services remains active. Neurotoken (NTK) can be exchanged for AI services including data labeling, model development, synthetic data creation, AI strategy consulting and fundamental research. Our AI specialists are standing by and looking forward to hearing from you.