NTK holders now have the opportunity to exchange their NTK directly for AI Services, compute resources and Synthetic Data
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Neuromation is pleased to announce the launch of the Neuromation Marketplace, offering all community members the opportunity to utilize NTK to purchase AI products and services.

Machine Learning Models, Data and Computational Power are the three pillars of AI. Neuromation offers a new and effective approach for connecting supply and demand in each of these domains, bringing together the competencies of researchers, engineers, and designers in one marketplace.

Essential parts of the AI development lifecycle, including synthetic data creation, custom model development, and compute for training can now all be ordered from the Neuromation Marketplace using NTK.

Synthetic Data

You can order custom-generated Synthetic Datasets from the Neuromation Marketplace using your NTK.
Synthetic data is digitally created data that mimics real-world sensory input. Leveraging both procedurally generated techniques (i.e. CGI) together with new generative neural network architectures (e.g. GAN's), Neuromation's technology enables the development of vast, diversified and perfectly-labeled data for training modern AI algorithms.


We will provide you with a subscription to our best-in-class developer platform including cloud computing resources for training your deep learning models.
The ability to rapidly and seamlessly provision cloud resources, services and storage necessary for the training of ML models enables the rapid development of Applied AI solutions without vendor lock-in.

AI Services

You can use your NTK on the Neuromation Marketplace to purchase several different AI services.
AI Services can be customized to meet your needs. Services include data labeling, model development, AI strategy consulting and fundamental research. Please provide sufficient detail about what AI Service you are interested in when contacting us via the web form below.

Exchange NTK

NTK holders now have the opportunity to exchange their NTK directly for AI Services, including compute, Synthetic Data and AI development services