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AI-Based Face Mask Detection System

COVID-19: Real-Time Face Mask Detection with OpenCV Efficient face mask detection solution, powered by computer vision and deep learning, compatible with all types of IP and CCTV cameras. Instantly detect if people in public places are wearing protective face masks and proactively manage adherence to sanitary regulations.
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How Does a Face Mask Detection Work?

Our pre-trained face mast detection system is based on a computer vision/deep learning pipeline, pre-trained on a large and comprehensive dataset.
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Face Mask Detection
The algorithm is trained to capture facial features in real-time video streams and images and recognize whether everyone's wearing a protective mask with a 99.98% accuracy rate. Equally effective for both individual and group detection, our face mask detection system can supplement or reduce the number of enforcement agents on the ground.

After performing the initial analysis, the system classifies every person as “wearing a mask” or flags as “not wearing a mask” and sends an instant alert, so you can take further action — dispatch a public audio announcement, send a custom message to a digital screen, or a personalized message to the person’s phone.

Proactively manage and correct visitors' behavior while remaining compliant with privacy regulations.

Key Features of a Face Mask Detection System

Keep your visitors safe without approaching them — DeepSight software offers real-time face recognition from video streams and images, powered by computer vision and deep learning.

Intelligent Alerts
Intelligent Alerts
Send custom messages to people who are not following the rules or configure public announcements to be auto-displayed, across a variety of mediums.
Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition
State-of-the-art facial recognition algorithm, pre-trained, and tested across a wide range of datasets to ensure high accuracy rates.
Camera Agnostic
Camera Agnostic
Compatible with all modern CCTV, USB, and IP camera systems, connected to the Internet. Run the software on the equipment you already have.
Easy Implementation
Easy Implementation
Non-invasive and light-weight, our pre-trained algorithm can be fully operational in a matter of days with remote support from our ML specialists.
Staff Friendly
Staff Friendly
Avoid workplace tensions and in-person confrontations with a system designed to proactively nudge people who are not wearing masks.
No New Hardware Needed
No New Hardware Needed
Our cloud-based system can be connected remotely to any on-premises camera systems and computers, so you don’t need to invest in anything extra.
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Use Cases of Face Mask Detection

Science, studies, and practices show that wearing masks in public dramatically reduces the chances of virus spreading. Still, not everyone is ready to forgo the individual liberties and abide by the new rules, staying here for the long-term.

Help your staff and visitors develop a habit of wearing a mask in designated spaces with a monitoring system, configured to prompt corrective behaviors. Ensure that all the public on your premises is wearing face masks during the day.

You can configure our platform to merely perform face mask detection for analytical purposes or implement a more proactive solution, reminding people to stay safe and protect others. Add emails or phone numbers to your system and auto-dispatch personalized alerts to people who are not wearing masks or individuals, not recognized by the system.

Hospitals Mask Detection
Hospitals Implement effective supervision of staff and patients, entering your premises. Encourage all personnel to wear personal protective gear at all times to minimize healthcare risks. Manage patients' behavior to verify that all quarantined patients abide by the rules and wear protective masks. Perform detection and send reminders automatically to avoid stretching your human resources on disciplinary measures, instead of keeping them focused on their core duties.
Airports Mask Detection
Airports and railway stations Ensure that all transiting passengers and your staff remain safe at all times with a real-time mask detection system, capable of effectively recognizing a mask even in crowded areas. Manage human traffic flows more effectively by removing mask checkpoints and issuing automatic alerts and audio/visual announcements. Control mask-wearing on during the transit without placing any extra burden on your personnel or undermining passenger experience with personal admonishments.
Public Transportation Mask Detection
Public transportation Encourage passengers to follow the health safety measures and keep a mask on at the stations and during their entire journey. Relieve your drivers and supporting staff from the daunting chore of enforcing proper behavior. Instill more confidence in passengers who are choosing to use public transportation instead of personal vehicles, by demonstrating that they'll ride along with others who respect the necessary safety measures.
Retail Locations Mask Detection
Retail locations Verify that all shoppers, entering your premises, are wearing a health mask without placing a security team on the door of your venue. Maintain a delightful customer experience and promote proper behavior among your staff using a combo of real-time face detection and personalized alerts, issued to employees who are not wearing their mask. Re-attract the reluctant, health-conscious consumers to your brick and mortar locations by showcasing how your business stands for safety above all.
Sports Venues Mask Detection
Sports venues Start a new season with a new face mask detection system that gently alerts visitors of the necessary precautions without undermining their viewers’ experience. Assure high levels of safety to avoid any potential contaminations, leading to the venue’s closure by public regulators. Never miss a person without a face mask or an unauthorized visitor to your venue with an AI-driven system operating faster, cheaper, and more accurately than any group of human supervisors.

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Imagine if your cameras alone could monitor for safety regulations. With our face mask detection system, no extra investment in tech or people is needed. Augment your RTSP video streams with a lighting-fast facial recognition algorithm to keep your operations safe and compliant.

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