announces zero emissions model building solution

The result of the past three years of hard work by the team is now official by TechCrunch: we are launching Zero Emission AI Cloud with the full-stack MLOps platform for developing and deploying large and resource-intensive AI models.

Neuro AI cloud is powered by clean geothermal energy from Icelandic geysers and volcanoes of up to 80MWh by our atNorth partners. We are gradually launching a fleet of Nvidia DGX supercomputers and customized HGX servers with A100 GPUs onboard.

These computational monsters of 5+ Petaflops can handle huge models with hundreds of billions of hyperparameters like GPT-3, supporting physics simulation environments, synthetic data generation, computational biology, and drug discovery, VR metaverse, and more. Each of these pipelines will require more and more computing power, electricity and leave an ever-larger carbon footprint.

By 2030, the consumption of electricity for computers and communications will reach 25% of the total consumption of the planet. The share of AI / ML will get 10% and will double by 2040. are moving all R&D ML operations for the clients into a 100% green cloud.

We are not buying an indulgence in purchasing carbon credits; this is a complete and conscious transition to computing power without CO2 emissions. Today we offer a machine learning infrastructure and computing power 30% cheaper than any public provider. Grow your startup without heating the atmosphere, please. announces zero emissions model building solution