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Neuromation enables enterprise AI Transformation with custom solutions and advisory services from PhD-level ML researchers and full-stack engineers with deep experience solving AI for business.

MLOps Platform

MLOps Platform can save a team of five data scientists over $100,000 per year

Bringing ML and DL projects into production is as challenging as one-color puzzles. We know it because we are trying to drive breakthrough AI products to the market every day at Neuromation.

If you are looped into the best practices of machine learning, you know you need repeatable, continuous, and automated processes to scale. But it’s hard to get there when 95% of your ML teams’ productive time is tied up by infrastructure setup, management, and maintenance.

It’s time to turn the odds in your favor. Have an MLOPs platform set up and managed for you by our experts. Experiment and innovate, while we handle your backend.

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What is MLOps?

What is MLOps?

Your managed machine learning development infrastructure, Reinforced by a remote MLOps team.

Today, everyone wants to be a machine learning hero, but only a handful of tech leaders know how to move an AI project from concept to production without night sweats (and awkward conversations with the CEO). You can be one of them. Without growing the headcount of your engineering team.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) solves problems, unique to every aspect of the machine learning model lifecycle by melding tested DevOps approaches with data management best practices into a repeatable framework for model development, testing, and deployment. So that you could deliver new models just like any other type of application.

You already know how the standard ML project goes. Pipelines get hacked together with some brittle scripts. Continuous testing is a foreign concept. Collaboration goes messy with data and code snippets being lost due to poor model control. And that’s just the development part.

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AI Based Face Mask Detection System

AI Based Face Mask Detection System

COVID-19: Real-Time Face Mask Detection with OpenCV

Why build when you can buy? Test-drive our AI face mask detection system, trained for 99.99% accuracy detection rate. Easy-to-deploy and compatible with all types of IP and CCTV camera systems.

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