Neurotoken (NTK) sale has started!

Get your 15% bonus for the first week.

Limited amount of NTK! Only 7 million up for sale! Contribute here Join Neurotoken chat

How to buy NTK?

1) get registered at the site —

2) when registering, indicate your PERSONAL ETH wallet (do not use the addresses of exchanges!) which you will use to transfer payments and receive tokens

3) in your dashboard, you will find the ETH address for transfer. Transfer the required amount from your PERSONAL wallet there

4) your balance will be updated within an hour and you will see the purchased tokens in your dashboard

5) then, within 72 hours after the end of Token Sale, the tokens will be generated and transfered to your ETH address specified at registration

If you still have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in our telegram chat!