Neuromation sponsors AI Spring Hackathon in Kyiv

Last week Neuromation team has mentored young talents at the AI Spring Hackathon in Kyiv.


AI SPRING HACKATHON brought together talented participants and companies to create DS-projects with real business prospects in the future, in the area of Computer Vision in Retail.


One of the tasks at the competition was a synthetic dataset, created by Neuromation, where participants were asked to find and define objects. This complicated task was created to train the future Computer Vision professionals, and won by the team MLG who have completed the task of object detection on the store shelves. Neuromation Chief Information Officer Denis Popov was mentoring teams and judging the competition.


This is not the first time that Neuromation supports young talents. In 2017 the Neuromation Start Up Competition was held for the first time, with Let’s Enhance being the first grant winner. Neuromation will distribute 10% of its Neurotoken sales proceeds in computing power to startups that contribute to the development of neural networks.