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Neuromation Hires New Talent For its Digital Economy and Platform Operations Teams

May 11, 2018

Neuromation Hires New Talent For its Digital Economy and Platform Operations Teams

As the Neuromation project develops and matures, our team is growing alongside it. We are recruiting the best talent available, building a strong team of seasoned professionals from across business, tech, and AI industries to continue to broaden our organizational capability.

Neuromation is excited to announce the newest additions to its team. These individuals share our vision to deliver quality AI services, and we’re confident that they will greatly contribute to the project’s future wellbeing and success.

                                               President of Digital Economy Maxim Prasolov

Maxim Prasolov will now serve as the President of Digital Economy with the help of a seasoned team consisting of Arthur McCallum and his deputy, Nadia Storcheva. Prasolov is a serial entrepreneur, investing in technological companies before finding Neuromation in 2016.

Coming to Neuromation, he brings his penchant for multimedia production and a career of experience that spans more than 50 animated commercials, 3D movies, and computer games. This expertise and the passion behind it inspired Neuromation’s scientific team to develop algorithms with 3D synthetic data.

                                                      CEO Neuromation Yashar Behzadi

To lead the organization, we’re happy to introduce Yashar Behzadi as Neuromation’s new CEO. With over 30 patents and patents pending, he is a proven technologist with a focus on AI, medical technology, and IoT. He received his PhD from UCSD’s top-ranked Bioengineering program, and he comes to Neuromation after spending the last 12 years in Silicon Valley building and scaling data-centric technology companies. He has been recognized in Wired, Entrepreneur, WSJ, CNET, and numerous other leading tech journals for his contributions to the industry.

While at Proteus Digital Health, Yashar worked alongside global pharmaceutical companies to develop the world’s first digital medicine. Over the course of Yashar’s tenure, the company accrued over $500 million in investment capital and its digital medicine was recognized by Wired as one of the top 10 technological breakthroughs of 2008, the company itself as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. More recently, Yashar served as the CEO of popSlate Media and as CPO of Medibio, a publicly traded medical AI company. As a member of Accenture’s Technology Vision board, he helped to establish a long-term technology strategy and identify emerging global trends, as well.

                                                              CTO Artyom Astafurov

Finally, we would like to introduce our new CTO, Artyom Astafurov. Artyom is a technology executive with a knack for galvanizing engineering teams to solve real problems. Throughout his career, he has directed organizations towards success with his eye for design solutions, implementation, and delivery, combining software development practices with hardworking engineering cultures. With years of experience managing distributed engineering teams for high-tech product companies, he brings a natural bent for overseeing both technological development and the teams that drive this development.

He started his career at DataArt, a global technology consulting firm, and over the course of 13 years, he advanced to the role of a technology advisory, established development centers in Eastern Europe, launched DataArt’s IoT practices, and helped to promote technological innovation within the organization. While at DataArt, he contributed to the following custom-built software projects: Digital Services Platform in Media and Entertainment, Connected Device Platform in Utilities, Medical Devices Data Platform, and development of offshore R&D center for a Fortune 500 company.

Most recently, Artyom was VP of Engineering at Opentrons Labworks Inc, an open source company that improves robotics for automation and innovation. At Opentrons, he oversaw technological architecture decisions, recruiting and hiring, product management, and delivery processes, all while serving as the intermediary for engineering, executive, and investor teams.

Joining Neuromation, Artyom can now be at the epicenter of development for AI distributed systems, allowing him to develop these services for real-world use thanks to his business knowledge, practical methodologies, user-conscious approach to design, and technological expertise.

In addition to Arytom and Yashar, we’ve also expanded our platform’s scientific team, led by PhD Sergei Nikolenko, with the bright minds of Rauf Kurbanov and Alexey Artamonov, mathematicians with expertise in deep learning and algorithms training .

With the additions of our newest team members, we’re more confident than ever that we’re on track to delivering real, tangible developments that will push the boundaries for distributed AI services. As such, we’re please to share these new hires with you, our community, to demonstrate our dedication towards technological advancement by onboarding accomplished professionals to improve the platform. Offering more than lifetimes of experience, these industry leaders bring with them fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to problem solving and product advancement, and we’re excited to see Neuromation’s potential unfold as we venture forth into the project’s next stage of development.

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