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Neuromation AMA session with top team!

February 14, 2018

Neuromation AMA session with top team!

The platform is about to launch and NTK is about to be released on February 15th!

We are excited about this new step towards democratized AI! What about you? Get your critical thinking hat, because the Neurotoken team is coming in heavy!

We’re giving you a chance to speak to all senior members of the community on February 15th.

The schedule is as follows. (GMT +2 timezone, Athens timezone) :

CEO Maxim Prasolov, from 7.00 PM until 8.00 PM,

Chairman Constantine Goltsev, from 8.00 PM until 9.00 PM,

Chief Operations Officer Yuri Kundin from 9.00 PM until 10.00 PM,

Chief Information Officer Denis Popov from 10.00 PM until 11.00 PM,

Chief Revenue Officer from 11.00 PM until 12.00 PM,

and Chief Tech Officer Fedor Savchenko 12.00 PM until 01.00 AM.

Put this in your calendar! Join the AMA here and watch a livestream at Neuromation’s Youtube Channel via this link!

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