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As China’s fast-Moving AI Industry Prepares to Kick into Overdrive, Neuromation Hopes to Pave the Road with a Blockchain platform and Synthetic Data

April 11, 2018

As China’s fast-Moving AI Industry Prepares to Kick into Overdrive, Neuromation Hopes to Pave the Road with a Blockchain platform and Synthetic Data

With venture capital pouring into AI startups throughout China and a new poll revealing that 36 percent of Chinese entrepreneurs surveyed believe AI is the most promising industry, tech companies from other countries have flocked to Shanghai and other cities, hoping to be part of the AI boom with complementary technologies, including robotics, cloud computing, and Blockchain.

Shanghai, China, April 11th, 2018 — When the team at data scientists and friends at Neuromation took their company’s road show to Shanghai this week for the PTP International Conference, they met with potential investors and other tech entrepreneurs who as passionate about the artificial intelligence as they were.

“The focus and enthusiasm of AI entprepreneurs here in China is inspiring,” said Maxim Prasolov, Neuromation CEO. Prasolov and has team have been on an Asian road trip meeting potential partners and investors in Tokyo, Singapore, and this week in Shanghai.

At the PTP event, the Neuromation team demonstrate their blockchain platform which helps AI engineers create and train AI algorithms, the “brain’ of autonomous, intelligent computer systems. By building and training AI algorithms and deep neural networks — webs of math loosely inspired by how brain cells work — on a shared, distributed blockchain network, Prasolov hopes to convince AI engineers in China to use the platform to collaborate and share computing power. In addition, by using Neuromation’s synthetic data -data that mimics the images, sound, and other real data — engineers will be able to finish training their AI algorithms and neural networks faster and more affordably than they thought possible.

“Our mission here in China is to help AI engineers to use our platform to save time and money, by using our distributed computing power and our real and synthetic data sets, they’ll be empowered to focus on the art of AI invention, creating intelligent, autonomous products they will certainly want to sell to an eager marketplace as quickly as possible,” said Prasolov.

The Neuromation team plans to convince AI enthusiasts in China, engineers and investors that a blockchain platform can greatly accelerate the development of AI models and algorithms. It’s the perfect marriage of invention and technologies, Neuromation leaders say — artificial intelligence solves machine learning and blockchain solves trust and coordination between machines.

“Our mission is to bring AI engineers the data and the computational power needed to train AI models they need to bring their AI-powered products to an eager market in China and worldwide,” said Prasolov.

How big is the AI market? According to the research firm Tractica, the worldwide market for artificial intelligence software will boom nearly 30-fold to $89.8 billion by 2025.

About Neuromation

Neuromation is an international hi tech company with headquarters in Talinn, Estonia, engineering teams in St. Petersburg and Kiev, and sales and marketing teams in Tel Aviv. 60 developers and 12 AI scientists are working on projects in agro tech, retail innovation, and smart cameras in the surveillance industries.

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