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Black Friday Neurotoken (NTK) sale!

November 24, 2017

Black Friday Neurotoken (NTK) sale!

Black Friday** is coming and we have come up with a kicking offer!

Any purchase made from 12pm GMT 24th November 2017 to 12pm GMT 25th November 2017 will bring you additional + 5% Bonus.
Hurry up! Only 24 hours to get up to 30% bonus*.
Neurotoken (NTK) bonus program :
Pre-sale bonus — 25%
First week bonus- +15% in Neurotokens NTK
Second week bonus- +10% in Neurotokens NTK
Third week bonus- +5% in Neurotokens NTK
Volume bonus :
> 1,000 Ether +1% in NeuroTokens (NTK)
> 2,000 Ether +2% in NeuroTokens (NTK)
> 3,000 Ether +3% in NeuroTokens (NTK)
> 5,000 Ether +4% in NeuroTokens (NTK)
> 10,000 Ether +5% in NeuroTokens (NTK)
*30% bonus will be received in case of minimum of 3 ETH investment.
**Limited offer valid for 24 hours starting 12 GMT 24 Nov 2017, ending 12 GMT 25 Nov 2017. 5% additional bonus applies to the current bonus system of Neurotoken (NTK) sale. No purchase limit.

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