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The activation of Neurotokens (NTK)!

February 15, 2018

The activation of Neurotokens (NTK)!

We are pleased to announce that the activation of NeuroTokens (“NTK”) will happen on schedule on February 15 at 12pm GMT.

At that time NTK will become transferable between wallets and as further described below, will be able to be used as a medium of exchange on the Neuromation platform. We appreciate great support of the community to get NTK listed on the major exchanges like HADAX, Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset, Tidex. Separate announcements will follow.

The NTK smart contract is available here.

The strength of NTK and the Neuromation platform will be determined in large, by the level of support and acceptance it receives from the proud AI community. You can support NTK getting listed on exchanges, by casting your vote here.

As mentioned above, when the Neuromation platform launches, NTK will be able to be used to purchase Neuromation platform services. More information about the use of NTK within the Neuromation platform can be found here.

New NTK website here.

Important notice.

Please remain vigilant against scammers and other shady people who may tell you they have alternate addresses where you can purchase NTK.Always confirm information through the official NTK website and check carefully for well disguised copycat accounts or sites. Read more about keeping your NTK safe in our Medium post.

In the coming weeks we will be issuing several major partnership releases. Stay tuned on our social media channels, MediumFacebook, and Telegram.

Neurally yours,

Maxim Prasolov


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